Thursday, December 2, 2010

 How will you begin, in order to catch our attention and introduce us to your topic?
probably, by asking the question: "do you think there are aliens in the united states?, have you ever seen one?". after that probably explain what do i mean by aliens?, and ask if they know why immigrants are called like  that?

- What is the central argument you make in your essay and how will you present it to us?
My main argument is about how the U.S. is able to influence mexico, by immigration.

- What are a few key pieces of evidence that support your argument, and how will you describe and present them?
boycotts, marches, etc, that immigrants have done before, and still, many of them have been deported.
talk about the amounts of money that mexicans send to mexico, and how this help its economy, how mexico is "growing"....  and mexico is on the main country that receives the biggest amont of money annually in latin america.
- What is your visual element, and how will you work it into your presentation? Remember that you'll want to do more than just show us something - you want to talk about what it shows us.U.S. can control almost anything!!!., for example, mexico's economy, and the U.S. can "kick out" mexican immigrants if they want to, at any time.
I think this image works perfectly, to show about remitances....
- What do you think makes for an effective oral presentation? What makes you want to listen? What can you do to achieve these qualities?

i think that the person who gives a speech has to talk loud, so the person that is listening, can understand clearly.
also, the person that is talking should do it on an average speed, not so fast neither too slow, because he/she can cause that the presentation may be boring, or apparently too long.
Other thing that makes me listen to a person is when a person talks about something interesting. :]