Thursday, October 14, 2010

oct. 14th

Today i started looking for sources that may help me on my research paper. Ex: , laguardia's library, and i also used wikipedia to look for more (direct) sources.  "social capital, social policy, migration from traditional communities an new communities with origin in Mexico"

This link (^) is very useful because the main point of it is immigration form Mexico to the U.S., what really happened, and why and when Mexicans started immigrating to the united states.I found it interesting because i did not really know the history behind immigration between these two countries.
     It says that migration between Mexico and the U.S. started at the beginning of the 20th century, when americans went to mexico looking for employees to replace asians, during the chinese exclusion, in the U.S.
The mexican migration rate increased rapidly as job/work demand went "up" in the U.S. during the World War I, it reached high (record) levels during the decade of 1920.
"NAFTA takes a beating"

this article is about NAFTA, how does it affect Mexico's economy; the relationship between Mexico and the united states (economically talking).


  1. Good start - add more annotation as you add your other sources. Immigration and/or NAFTA are a great way to focus the topic.

  2. i cant open the articles i sent to myself by email,
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