Thursday, September 30, 2010


-Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S?

I chose Mexico, because it is a country that has so much history, it is also part of me, part of my life.
I'm interested in learning more about it, i know some history but not as much as i wish.
A country that had to fight for its independence, (as some others), including the United States of America.
Mexico is a country that has so much to do with the U.S. and its history. For example, when Texas achieved its independence from Mexico, to form its own government, but later on, the U.S. annexed it, including some other states like California, and New Mexico, so I would like to cover that time in my essay, and also the current time, because of the economy, how do both countries affect each other (positively/negatively).

-How do you think people from this country and the U.S come into contact with each other: through immigration, migration, war, cultural exchange, economic exchange, or something else?

 I think Mexicans have come into contact with Americans, because both countries are close to each other.
They also came into contact during the Mexican-American war, and it was for the territory that the U.S annexed (as i mentioned before).
Also, there exist a international border between them and it is the most frequently crossed in the world according to -"Borders and Law Enforcement". U.S. Embassy Mexico. -
Mexico is also home of the largest number of U.S. citizens abroad. The U.S. is also home of many Mexicans, that come here to get and give a better life, and i think immigration is a great topic that MUST be included in my essay, because it surely affects both. 

-Talk about what you noticed in your wikipedia entry.....?
....and also what source might be useful form the notes to your wikipedia  entry?

I think Wikipedia is helpful to start, because it gives you the "basic" information, or sometimes very detailed,
but always you can keep looking through it, and find what are you looking for. Wikipedia gives you sources that shows you where the information comes from (to make it more accurate).
I found this link     that can be really helpful for my research paper about mexico, because it is the official site of the Government of Mexico, that has statistics and facts about mexico and its govenrment .

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  1. Hi Mildred - This looks like a great an interesting topic. You're right that immigration is central here - what might be interesting is to look at the factors and policies that led to immigration during different periods and how it shaped the experience of these immigrants. The travellers in the other direction - Americans living in Mexico - might be an interesting piece to explore as well.